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Equine worming at Gil Riley

Parasitic worm burdens can lead to digestive upsets including colic, and a failure to thrive.


Effective worm control is therefore vital for the well-being of our horses.


Worm control doesn’t just mean worming your horse, although correct use of wormers is an important part of it.


More particularly, it is about testing the horse at specific times of the year, the results then telling us whether the horse needs worming or whether it is safe to go without.


The use of testing therefore means wormers are only given to those horses that need one, and when they are, the correct product is chosen.


With judicious use of wormers, we help minimise the build-up of resistance to wormers amongst the horse population, keeping our current batch of wormers viable for the future.


Click here to request an appointment online today, or call our team for a chat about your situation on 0115 778 6997.

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