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We are experienced and we care - we believe that's a winning combination.

Once we’ve assessed your horse, we can offer a range of services to ensure that they remain healthy, or regain their health, as quickly as possible.

equine vet looking after horse

Poor performance

Gil is renowned for his work in the investigation of poor performance, and draws on all of his experience when assessing your horse, as well as his links to the farriery industry.


As a horse’s teeth are constantly erupting, regular assessment of their mouth can help to keep them healthy and avoid the need for major treatment.


As another important aspect of preventative healthcare, we will work with you to create a worming plan tailored to your horse.

Lameness investigations

The investigation and assessment of horse’s displaying impeded or uncomfortable movement has long been a great interest of Gil's - dating back to his work on lameness in cattle in the early 1990s!

Medical investigations

If your horse is suffering from symptoms and the cause is not immediately evident, we will investigate further to diagnose and treat any ailments.

Vettings and pre-purchase exams

We’re happy to use all of our experience to support you in the quest for your new horse.


We place great importance on preventative healthcare and encourage all of our clients to ensure that their horses are fully vaccinated.


We are able to perform emergency stitch-ups, castrations and some minor surgeries. More involved surgical procedures will be referred to our friends and colleagues at Pool House Equine Clinic.

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