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Farriery at Gil Riley

Given Gil’s role as veterinary examiner and exam setter at the Worshipful Company of Farriers, farriery is an art we take very seriously, knowing all-too-well the positive impact good farriery can have on a horse’s soundness and general well-being.


We encourage good relations with all our local farriers through providing regular CPD and interacting with the primary farrier with the individual cases we see where they are the primary farrier.


We also have twice weekly clinics with Grant Moon FWCF, a world-renowned farrier, to assist with corrective shoeing in our more difficult poor performance cases.


With these, we keep the primary farrier informed and involved along the way so they are ready to pick up the reins again once the problem has been corrected.


Click here to request an appointment online today, or call our team for a chat about your situation on 0115 778 6997.

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