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Internal Medicine

What should I do if my horse is sound, but still not right?

Your horse may have an internal medical issue, in which case Renske will be your point of contact, as our resident internal medicine expert, having earned the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (Cert AVP) in Internal Medicine.


Internal medicine is a broad term used to cover conditions such as gastric ulcers, respiratory diseases, liver and kidney problems, diarrhoea, recurrent colic, weight loss, skin conditions, complex laminitis and eye conditions.


Renske will look into your horse’s history in combination with performing a detailed clinical examination.


She may take samples such as blood, urine or biopsies, which will be sent off to labs with whom we work closely.


The results are back within a day or two along with their expert opinion to aid with diagnosis.


We have ultrasonography and endoscopy that plays an important role in the investigation of medicine cases, which can be performed at our practice base or at your yard.


Click here link to request an appointment online today, or call our team for a chat about your situation on 0115 778 6997.

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